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Due to the MANY emails and phone calls we receive, we ask that you please look over our FAQ page before
contacting us. Most likely, the answer to your question can be found here. If you still have a question after viewing the FAQ, please feel free to email us or call us. NOTE: Any email questions we receive that are answered on our FAQ page will not receive a reply. We simply get way too many emails asking the same questions to reply to each one. Thanks for understanding!

Q: I really want an Oktober guitar but haven't played one. What if it's not for me?
A: We have a 20 Day No Hassle refund policy. Click HERE for details!

Q: How much are the Von Frankenstein Series guitars?
A: Pricing and information on the production line Annihilator can be found HERE. The quality on the production series is outstanding!

Q:  What is included on the USA Custom Shop Annihilator guitars?
The USA Custom Shop models are hand-crafted in our Maryland shop, and are the exact guitars Doyle uses live onstage. (The Production model Annihilators are manufactured in our overseas plant) The USA Custom Shop models feature graphite neck-thru construction, mahogany body wings, Glow-in-the-dark Gorgeous Frankenstein skull inlays, Floyd Rose tremolo, and a Coffin road case. Pricing on the Custom Shop models is $3500. Each Custom Shop model is hand-numbered.

Q: How much is shipping to my area?
A: Shipping varies depending on your location. As a basic pricing guide, USA shipping is between $25-$50 dollars, (East, Midwest and West coast) international/Europe is anywhere from $90-$120, and Australia is generally about the same as European shipping. Exact shipping will be automatically calculated upon purchase.

Q: Where are your Import/Production models made?
A: Our Import line of guitars are Korean made. Earlier Von Frankenstein models were made in China. The Korean made guitars are absolutely outstanding in finish, fretwork, materials and playability. They are manufactured to our exact specifications and high standards. Each Import guitar is inspected and set-up for optimum playability in our USA shop.

Q: Is it "October" or "Oktober"?
A: It's Oktober. It started off as October, but we decided we liked it better with a "K". So we changed the name. Same great company, same great guitars, cooler name!

Q: Where can I buy an Annihilator/Devilwing?
A: You can purchase the Annihilator and Devilwing Production models and Custom Shop models directly through our Online Store. Please visit our "Guitars" page. 

Q: Can I get Crimson Ghost skulls, etc on my Annihilator guitar/DevilWing bass?
A: The Custom Shop models are able to have different inlays, bridge types, etc, as they are built per-order.
However, the Production models can NOT be changed in their construction. We are also not able to do the
"Crimson Ghost" inlays, as that image is owned by an outside party and not licensed to Oktober Guitars for use.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, either through PayPal, Square or by phone, and personal checks. (once cleared)

Q: How much are your Standard Custom model guitars?
A: All of our USA Custom Shop guitars and 12 string basses start at a "base price" of $2500. (Not including the Von Frankenstein Custom Shop models) This pricing would be for a "standard-style" guitar or bass. Pricing increases with additional services, such as custom inlays, custom body shapes, and custom paint. For an exact price quote, please email us with the details of your request.

Q: What exactly is included in your "standard-style" guitar?
A: What we consider "standard style" is a current Oktober model. (Wraith, Prophet, etc) These "standards" include neck-thru construction, dot, block or diamond inlays, and your choice of body, neck, and fretboard woods, as well as electronics configuration. (Number of humbuckers, single coils, number of volume & tone, etc) Tremolo systems are additional.

Q: What kind of custom inlays are available?
A: Just about anything you can think of! Anything from full fretboard flames to your bands logo, practically anything can be inlaid into your custom guitar's fretboard. Pricing starts at $250. For an exact quote, please contact us with your specific design. 

Q: Can you do custom fretboard inlays or custom paint on my existing guitar?
A: Unfortunately, we do not do custom inlay, custom paint or graphics on guitars that we do not make ourselves.

Q: What kind of Custom Paint is available?
A: Anything you'd like! We can paint your guitar in any color: Solid colors, pearlescent paints, Kandy colors, Hot Rod metal flake, all the way up to "Psycho Flake" paint jobs. (1/64th" flake) This large flake is also considered "bass boat" flake. Additionally, we can also do flames, pinstriping, checkerboards, airbrush graphics, etc...the sky's the limit!

Q: What is the pricing for Custom paint?
A: Custom paint starts at $250 for solid color and pearlescent paints, $300 for metal flake paints, and $375 for "Psycho Flake". Flames are an additional $100, and flames that cover the front and back are an additional $75. All custom airbrush work is quoted on a per-design basis. Please contact us for further info.

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